Coronavirus Teacher Information

Below are several resources you may find useful to use with your students for online learning.  If you require help with any specific site or program, please open a help desk ticket.

If you find any additional resources to share on this page, please send them to me and I will add them.

Here is a comprehensive list of companies offering free solutions for online learning
*please check with Rob Heath prior to initiating any new site that may require rostering prior to signing up*

Google Classroom is recommended for creating assignments and having students submit them electronically.

Accelerated Reader will be accessible to students from home during this closure.

Starfall is offering free accounts for students to log in from home.  You will need some information from me so please open a ticket if you wish to do this.

Google Meet can be used for video sessions with classes.  Premium features are slated to be rolled out to schools within the next week or two.  This includes up to 250 participants and the ability to record sessions.

Some tips if you have students with no Internet access (a chromebook would still be needed, which we can provide)