A Great Education Needs a Great Space

To grow, learn and develop at their best, children need a space that supports today’s learning methodologies. At 90 years old, our elementary school does not.

While the building has been well maintained, infrastructure is failing and is well behind modern codes. To update the existing building would mean extensive repairs and renovations, which come at significant cost to taxpayers. Construction of a new elementary school, together with related facilities and an auxiliary high school gymnasium allows us to update learning spaces, increase the security of our children, and benefit the community as a whole.

Proposed Timeline

  • Vote YES: November 3, 2015
  • Award bids: December 2016
  • Construction begins: January 2017
  • Building complete: December 2018
  • Move-in: January 2019
  • Demolish old elementary school: February 2019
  • Baseball field complete: April 2019


As with all building projects, this bond will be paid for with property taxes. The impact on taxpayers is minimal and the building has a high potential to increase local property values and draw new taxpayers to the community.

Based on a median home assessment of $85,500, the average homeowner’s monthly cost is only $30 over the lifespan of the bond. The property tax increase is to be phased in over a 4-year period. For that median home, here are the numbers for each year:

  • 1st year increase: $23
  • 2nd year: $135 total
  • 3rd year: $258 total
  • 4th year: $363 total
  • After 4th year: $363 annually

Use our calculator to see the tax increase for your home value. 

ShenangoES_150714-expandedBuilding Features

The return on your investment for our kids and our community is significant. The new elementary school will feature a streamlined layout, clustering grade levels together to enhance curriculum coordination. In addition to being ADA compliant, it will also have the following features:

  • 38 new classrooms including art, band, choir, science, computer, special ed, and gifted classrooms
  • New gymnasiums and athletic training rooms
  • Energy efficient spaces
  • Air conditioning, fresh air circulation, and an improved heating system
  • Wifi capabilities
  • New parking lots with parent and bus drop offs
  • Consolidated entrances

Student Benefits

From a learning standpoint, updated facilities will offer:

  • Individual and group learning spaces that provide a variety of learning atmospheres will cultivate well-rounded students.
  • Access to 21st century technology so that students can understand and use technology in productive, learning circumstances – a skill that all our kids need in today’s world.
  • Fewer and more secure entrances that increase security and ensure a safer school.
  • A new gym and fitness center that will provide a practice area for sports, increase athletic competition, and allow for more sports teams.
  • A physical connection to the high school will allow the opportunity for teachers to communicate more efficiently with other teachers and coordinate curricula.
  • Temperature-controlled classrooms. The Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) found that temperature-controlled environments for students drastically improved test scores. Check out the study here: http://healthyschools.cefpi.org/temperature.html

Community Benefits

Positive effects of the proposed building will spread create waves throughout our community, not just elementary school students.  The quality of nearby schools is an imperative factor for young families choosing a place to live. With a modern building that reflects the quality of our education, more families and businesses will move to the Shenango area, causing an economic boost and an increase in our property values.

Learn more from our Building Shenango Handout or watch video recordings of our Town Hall Meeting. The full presentation is here, or see below for shorter clips.

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Facility Study Findings


Need for High School Athletic Facilities

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