The Gabriel Cup Tradition

By: Jordyn Morosky and Isabella Cionni

The dodgeball tournament has become a Shenango tradition that promotes the Track and Field program. Head track coach Chris Vecenie has sponsored the program for seven years now and it has been a huge success.

The event allows all participants to come together and promote school spirit as they get active and engaged in this team event. Vecenie explained that “it is a competitive event, but all Shenango kids and everyone usually applauds the effort.” He got the idea from the previous school he taught and coached at, and decided to try it out at Shenango.  Clearly he had a successful turn out as an average fourteen teams usually participate each year.

Not only does this tournament involve physical activity, but it also strives to engage students who do not necessarily want to be a part of the actual games, but who’d like to participate by painting signs of the team names. These signs are then hung around the gym for the night of the event to help enhance the setting of the tournament. Even the parents show involvement while contributing five dollars each to the track team upon arrival, and almost all of the bleacher seats in the gymnasium were filled up!

The tournament starts with a junior high bracket and the winner of it gets put into the varsity bracket. Then, all of the high school teams play each other. The winning team from junior high and the winning team of the entire tournament get awarded a trophy engraved with their team name.

The winning team of the entire tournament, Pig Pen, was full of freshmen. Brianna DeSalvo, a student from the winning team stated, “I loved hanging out with all of my friends and competing against younger and older teams for the Gabriel Cup!” The junior high team, Gucci Gang, was ecstatic after they won their final match in order to move on to the main bracket of the tournament. Both teams received their trophies and celebrated their victories.

We will have to wait until next year to see if the junior high will be able to conquer the high school students or if the senior high kids will remain on top.

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