The Bruce Siblings Give Back

By Carlie Cardella

One of many scholarships Shenango provides is the Bruce Scholarship. Since 1997, the Bruce siblings have awarded this scholarship, making this year the 21st award. The Bruce siblings are a committee comprised of four or five people  named after J. Howard and Elizabeth Bruce.

Certain criteria needs to be met in order to be considered for this scholarship, which includes having completed one year of higher education as well as majoring in a science field, and, of course being, a Shenango graduate. The application just recently switched to being completely online. The scholarship is advertised locally, but Shenango staff reaches out to recent graduates who they know are majoring in a field of science. The applications must be submitted by May 31st.

This year, Elizabeth Dess, class of 2016, was the lucky winner who received the scholarship. “Elizabeth was a very strong student academically, so I was not surprised when she was awarded the scholarship,” said Dr. McCormick. Elizabeth attends Temple University.

The Bruces most definitely embody the spirit of “Learning for a Lifetime” that Shenango promotes. Dr. McCormick noted that “they have always been very supportive of Shenango education and the Shenango community through their business and scholarship program.  The Bruces have donated tens of thousands of dollars just to support our graduates and programs. They are extremely generous in a variety of ways and make sure to help improve the quality of education that Shenango kids receive.”

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