AP Students Share Veterans Day Highlights

By Danielle Groves and Taylor Reed

Mr. Cooper’s Advanced Placement Government class takes on the noble task of organizing the high school’s yearly Veteran’s Day assembly, which is most definitely a favorite of both students and staff.  From the flags that line the roads to the student-written and delivered speeches to the multimedia presentations, these AP seniors complete countless hours of behind-the-scenes work to make this assembly a success.  More than that, though, these students themselves are powerfully affected by this assembly. “It is an important tradition because it honors our Veterans and teaches the students the importance of this day,” shared Cassie Tillia.

Seniors Hayden Carpenter, Lydia Anderson, and Matt McMillen spoke at the assembly. All appreciated the opportunity and embraced it. The three seniors took their time so they were able to show the immense gratitude felt toward the sacrifices veterans ahve made.  “Whatever we can give back to people who risked everything for us, it is more worth it,” affirmed Lydia Anderson.  

For some, the playing of Taps by freshman trumpet player Jacob Benson at the assembly’s beginning tugs at their heartstrings.  “I believe when the trumpet started to play and the veterans.  Matt Salem shared his sentiment.  “My favorite part of the assembly is when all the veterans stand while Taps is being played.  It’s really powerful to see how much they respect our country.”

After the assembly, the AP Government students attended a bruch where they personally spoke with veterans and their families. Some of the government students had their own veterans attend the assembly, like Matt McMillen.   “My favorite part of the assembly was being able to spend time with my grandpa.”