Santa Claus is Coming to . . . Kindergarten!

By: Chaslin Hoover and Jordyn Morosky

Remember when you were six years old and worried about nothing more than receiving a letter back from Santa after your list of most coveted presents was mailed off to the North Pole? Even if those days seem so far in the past, everyone remembers feeling a sense of joy and happiness when they recieve that gift they have been asking Santa for. Shenango freshmen are making the little ones’ days extra special this season. These students keep the holiday spirit up for themselves and the kindergarten classes of Shenango through a school assignment.  

Composition teacher Mr. Mayo and kindergarten teacher Mrs. Montgomery collaborate on this project that pairs her kindergarteners with his freshmen.   The kindergarteners write to  the freshman class stating the top three items they want from Santa and sharing a little bit about themselves. The responsibility of the freshmen students is to then act as Santa and write back to them as a graded assignment.

As the freshmen typed their letters, they seemed to be full of joy and had fun with the assignment, too. “I think the ninth graders enjoy it and the kindergartners enjoy it from what I hear, so I think it’s definitely something we’ll continue doing,”  Mayo said.  It is wonderful feeling when you know you are making someone happy, especially when it is young children.

Freshman Rena Shaffer couldn’t agree more.  “I enjoyed writing to the kindergarteners because I knew they would be excited to open the letters,” she said. Another student, Jake Deal, also responded enthusiastically about this project. He said, “We enjoyed writing letters to little kids as we sipped on hot chocolate.” The evidence proves this is a success for the kindergarteners, ninth graders, and the teachers alike!

“I think their favorite part about it is that it reminds them of when they were younger and they were as into Christmas as these six-year-olds..” In all honesty, who wouldn’t want to be reminded of their childhood happiness by making another child happy?