Shenango’s Season of Giving

By Angela Prestopine and Kayla Suber

The holidays typically bring on a spirit of giving, but this spirit has been alive and well at Shenango School District all year round. The number of charities and service projects that together the elementary and high school have supported so far this school year should make Wildcats of all ages extremely proud.

“Generosity is a core characteristic of the Shenango community,” noted Dr. McCormick.  “I frequently see an overwhelming altruistic tendency, whether it is with individual students and families reaching out offering help to a student or family experiencing hardship, or across our various clubs and teams coming together to make a positive impact on families and the community.”    

One example of this generosity is the continued support of the Shenango Community Education Foundation’s 5K Run/ Walk.  The money raised from the project is put towards further improving classroom instruction for teachers as well as supporting graduates’ future endeavors.

“The Shenango Community Education Foundation (SCEF) hosts many annual events such as the 5K/ Kids Carnival, our Reverse Raffle Dinner each February, and McTeacher Night,” explained elementary teacher Mrs. Cox.  “The money raised provides funds to purchase classroom materials or technology such as novel sets, iPads, Chromebooks, sound equipment, and other teacher resources.”  This year alone, the 5K Run/ Walk Carnival raised an outstanding total of $8,900!

During The Veterans Day Collection initiative, the 5th grade collected over 1,500 items and $250 to support and recognize our veterans. “We wanted to expand our annual Veterans Day program and use it to take learning outside the classroom,” noted Miss Koprivnak and Mdrs. DeCaprio.   “We hoped that by collecting items for Operation Troop Appreciation, students would gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our veterans, deployed troops, and military families. The donation drive gave students the opportunity to put “The Wildcat Way” into real life practice by working with the Shenango community to gather these supplies,” they said.

Yet another powerful example of the willingness to help others was demonstrated by the kindergarten food drive.  “The food drive, which is led by the Kindergarten classes, is done annually each year around Thanksgiving. During this special week, students from the entire elementary building are encouraged to make donations of non- perishable items to help families in need,” said Mrs. Piccirillo. Kindergarten classes spread the word of collecting canned goods for the less fortunate, and their passion to help resulted in a total of 18 full boxes of canned goods!

The Shenango staff also got in on the action and helped serve the public during the popular and anticipated McTeacher Night.   “I love to see the community come together at McDonald’s to raise money for school scholarships and grants,” Mrs. Cox recalled.  “Many Shenango teachers come out to help serve food and drinks to the kids. The kids enjoy dressing up in costumes and watching performances by some of our high school groups” said Mrs. Cox. McTeacher Night raised over $1,100 and aided many people before the holidays.

Other charities have also taken place this school year. To support the victims of the catastrophe of Hurricane Harvey, Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Palladino raised approximately $1,000!  Peer Leadership collected 162 blankets and Student Council donated myriad boxes of canned goods to help those in need during Thanksgiving. .Girl Scouts did their part as well, gathering 22 large bags of coats.

Kudos to the spirit of the season, which permeates Shenango School district not just during the holidays, but the entire year long!