The Wildcat Way . . . Through Puppets!

By Isabella Cionni and Haley Earl

On Friday, January 12th, the ninth grade honors English classes traveled to the elementary to perform puppet shows for the kindergarteners. The reason for this annual project is to give back to the younger students and teach them the importance of the Wildcats Way.

Honors English teacher Mrs. Allen shared that her students brainstormed ideas that would remind the kindergarten classes the core values of responsibility, safety, and kindness. “My students have a blast working with puppets and serving as role models, and the kindergarteners get to enjoy their performances,” Mrs. Allen said.  “A collaborative assignment like this one reminds all students, young and old, that the values we hold in high esteem are always relevant.”

The Honors students enjoyed sharing in this learning experience, especially Carmen Medvit. “The kindergartners were so funny! They laughed at everything!” Carmen commented about the project.

A project like this transports the freshmen back to their childhood. “Hearing all of the children laugh made me remember times from back then,” said Alex Suber, noting that the kindergarten students “were amazing and super funny.”  The students responded to Alex Suber’s performance as Marvin the Monkey, and he also enjoyed entertaining the kids.

It is also  a reward to the high school students knowing that the children liked the plays so much, as Carmen noted. Camille Alexander shared this sentiment.  “It was so fun seeing the kids react to our plays and rewarding to hear that they learned important lessons,” she said.  

Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Montgomery stated, “This is such a fun project for our kindergarten to enjoy. Mrs.Allen’s class works so hard to write these plays to be entertaining while following our Wildcat Way. It’s a perfect reminder after the holiday break.”