Mr. Shenango 2018

By Jordyn Morosky, Angela Prestopine, and Kayla Suber

This year’s annual Mr. Shenango tradition not only recognized some of the class of 2018’s stellar male models, but raised money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Every year, six senior guys are chosen by their classmates to represent their school. Their cheerleader escort is then responsible for collecting money a to support her escort, and the candidate with the most donations is crowned Mr. Shenango.  

“I consider my tenacity to be my greatest quality,” said candidate Hayden Carpenter.  “It works in tandem with any other qualities I have.  I owe any accomplishments to this never-giving-up attitude.”  Hayden’s passion for music has especially impacted his time at Shenango.  Even though initially he did not even want to sign up for choir, “I fell so in love with the music and atmosphere that I just had to come back.”  In fact, it’s Shenango’s music wing that he will miss most. “It is such a diverse and accepting place where someone is always there to help. Every time you walk down the hall, you will always hear laughter on the other end.”  Hayden’s future plans include studying Chemical Engineering while continuing his passion for singing.  “As cliche as it sounds, just do what makes you happy and work your hardest in all you do,” he says.  “If you do this, you’ll live life happily with no regrets. Furthermore, treat everyone with kindness.  A little kindness can go a long way.”

Kendall Cleaver had this to say about Hayden: “I believe Hayden would be fit for Mr. Shenango because of his hard work, dedication to school, and the way he always helps and encourages others with schoolwork. When it comes to Hayden, hard work equals success.”

Josh Young is also a Mr. Shenango candidate.  “My father sets such a great example for me with working habits and responsibility” Josh stated.  His father’s example helped Josh lay the foundation to build a successful future.   “My future plans include attending college for business marketing and communications as well as playing football.”  Josh’s favorite Shenango moments happened on the football field and the basketball court, and he noted that he’ll especially miss “all my classmates and shaking Mr. O’s and Mr. Dess’s hand.”  To those who will follow in his footsteps, Josh advises, “Never quit on your dreams and passions.”

Escort Cassie Tillia noted that “I think Josh is a wonderful candidate and he would be a good choice because of his work ethic and how he always strives to be better than he was before when it comes to sports and his everyday life.”

“My advice would be to not be disrespectful and always be nice to each other” were words of wisdom offered by candidate Andrew Martin. Andrew’s passion for the Green Bay Packers stems from his admiration of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  “My role model is Aaron Rodgers. He is my hero because he is a very nice person and an excellent football player. He’s better than Brady.” Andrew advises underclassmen to follow his example and always being kind to everyone. Andrew remembers the kindness Shenango showed him. In fact, his favorite memory was “when Shenango #TeamAndrew supported me when I was sick with special videos and Make-A-Wish.”  Andrew inspires others to always be kind and to treat others the way you’d want to be treated.

Andrew’s escort, Jordyn Morosky, said, “I think Andrew would be a wonderful Mr. Shenango because he is always very kind and polite to everyone he sees. He is one of the most positive people and always has a smile on his face.”

“I believe in being reasonable, rational, and always try to understand people,” explained Brandel Cwynar, the next candidate.   “I am not one to judge a book by its cover and I always try to see the best in people even on their worse days.”  Brandel noted that his friends will be what he misses the most about Shenango, though he acknowledged that it’s “the man in the mirror” who guides him in doing his own thing.  “Enjoy high school.  You’ll have times where you go home with a lot of work, so put your mind to it, but also enjoy it.”  Brandel’s future will center around political science, but his ultimate goal is to “serve America and humanity.”

“Brandel would be an excellent Mr. Shenango because he is super intelligent and he has a great mindset about school,”  Michaela Unrue and Allayna Allwine, Brandel’s escorts, said.  “His leadership skills are something Mr. Shenango should possess.”

“Leave a good legacy,” advises candidate Maxwell Reamer.  “Be who you are, not who everyone else wants you to be.”  Maxwell targets his positive attitude as his strongest attribute, noting that he will miss “playing sports with the people I grew up with and seeing my friends every day.”  Maxwell’s ambition is drives him to succeed, and he plans to continue to excel in college where he hopes to play football.  Maxwell’s own role model is also a football player, Tom Brady, who he respects for “his consistency and his work ethic.”  

Max’s escort, Julia Manolis, stated, “I feel my candidate would be a worthy Mr. Shenango because he has school spirit, is kind to everyone, and is a great role model.”

Matt McMillen is another Mr. Shenango candidate. “I look up to Mr. McNees because he is a great guy. He also always keeps a positive attitude” noted Matt. Not only is Mr. McNees’s positivity a trait that Matt admires, but he also credits this former teacher and coach as helping him find his strengths.  “My advice to underclassmen would be to keep a positive attitude as much as possible.” Matt plans on attending Slippery Rock University and majoring in exercise science, but will miss “good times with track, basketball, and football teams.”  

Kaylee Montanari, Matt’s escort says, “Matt is a great pick for Mr. Shenango because he is respectful and puts others needs before himself. He also has shown a ton of school spirit this year.”