Government Games

By: Izzabel Champ and Geanna Forster

Seniors in Mr. Othites’s social studies class are using an educational game to understand the different jobs government officials have and how these officials need to work together in the case of a critical emergency.

“There’s a world crisis and each student plays the role of a government official,” Mr. Othities explained.  “They have to advise the president from their point of view on what the president should do. The students have criteria within the roles they play that they have to follow and abide by when talking to the president. The president then listens to a two-minute speech from each group and over night, he will decide what course of action to take from his own point of view plus the advice from each group.”

For this project, the president happened to be a “she.”  Playing the role of president for this activity, senior Hannah Dean had a unique perspective. “There was a lot of pressure on me to make the right decision, and it makes you realize the importance of a leader.”

Senior Jon Ferrell stated, “I was the secretary of defense, which was pretty cool to be someone important.”  

Senior students have been studying the different branches of government, and  “this is just a fun way to finish up what we’ve been studying.” said Mr. Othites.