Gearing Up for the Musical

By Zoey Angelucci and Carlie Cardella

It’s that time of year again… musical season! This March, Shenango Drama Club is putting on “Crazy for You.” Students have worked diligently the past couple of months for the upcoming show.

If you’re wondering what “Crazy for You” is about, vocal director Samantha Leali explained like this: “Boy meets girl. Girl doesn’t want anything to do with boy. So boy comes up with a plan to steal her heart.” Add many, many tap dance numbers and a few songs, and that’s the show.

This show is a perfect fit for this year’s cast. “We picked this show for several reasons,” noted director Paul Angelucci.  “It is a large ensemble cast show with lots of dance numbers to feature our talented dancers. It was also a good fit for most of our returning veteran actors and actresses. It’s a show we’ve been wanting to do for a few years, and this year seemed to be a good fit.”

There are only three short weeks left until opening night. “Things are progressing FAST! There is so much going on right now that time is just flying by,” shared Mr. Angelucci.

Many of the cast members agree. Senior Shaina Vitale admits, “The show coming up can be very overwhelming at times, but in the end, it pays off to perform on the stage for everyone. It’s such a fun time and a great bonding experience with all of your friends.”

The average person may not understand how often these students practice for a production of this magnitude. Because the show is so heavy in dance, especially tap, it is a challenge to learn and perfect all of the numbers. It is especially difficult when boys, who have never danced before, are learning to tap dance.

“People don’t realize how much time and effort goes into the process. The hours are in thousands if you add up all the time the cast members, directors, support team and volunteers put in to put a show together,” explained Mr. Angelucci. All cast and crew members have been working exceptionally hard to get the show ready.

There’s no question in Mrs. Leali’s mind that the show is worth seeing.  “It’s definitely our biggest show to date. You will be amazed by the diverse range of students on stage that are all able to work as one. They all come from different walks of life, but we can all come together as one.”

The show opens Friday, March 16th, at 7 p.m.  Additioanl performances are Saturday, March 17th, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, March 18th, at 2 p.m.