Annual Tradition Continues

By:Geanna Forster and Izzy Champ

“Valentine’s Day with a gym full of sweaty teens and donkeys? Best day of my life!” exclaimed senior Alliya Allwine.

On February 14th, students and faculty filled the gym for an evening of laughs at the expense of those brave enough to attempt to ride a donkey.  This is the sixth year for Donkey Basketball, a game where juniors, seniors, and some teachers play basketball while riding donkeys. The player must be touching the donkey to be able to have the ball or score points.

This experience was a great opportunity for students to get together and have fun. Senior Terrell Young said, “I remember watching Seitem (Andrew) get thrown off the donkey and that really made my night.”

According to Coach Othites, the idea for this event was found on the internet. There are only two companies that offer this service. They are in Florida and Ohio.

“I had a lot of fun! I was just so excited when I actually got on the donkey that I didn’t pay attention to the ball or the actual game…. We still won, though!” senior Britney Georgia laughed.