Launching Mini Clouds

By Taylor Reed and Danielle Groves

Seventh grade science students recently made marshmallow catapults for their science class.   This project, which encourages students to think independently and critically, has been part of Mr. Flood’s curriculum for the past several years.  

Before beginning the project, the students learned about levers. There are three different types of levers: first class levers, second class levers, and third class levers. Once equipped with this knowledge base, the students were able to pick which lever they wanted to use for their project.

“The students had to apply what they had learned in class,” stated Flood.

This was considered an “open-ended” project, which means the students were able to test and fix their project so they were able to launch a marshmallow.  
“My group and I thought we were going to fail at first, but we got the furthest distance in our class,” said Julia George.

“If one can’t do it, two can,” added Andrew Demkco.