A Test for the Band Students

By Zoey Angelucci and Carlie Cardella

The concert band students were recently tested on their abilities. Every year, the senior high concert band attends an adjudication to be judged on their performance. This year, the junior high concert band joined.  

“Adjudication is an event where the band performs and they are judged, usually by a panel of three judges,” director Mr. Butchy explained.  “They are judged on things like intonation, tone quality, rhythmic accuracy, musicality, things like that. Then they are usually given a rating. This year we did an adjudication without a rating. We got judged on our playing, but then the judges had a chance to work with us. They tried some different concepts with us.”

Mr. Butchy and the bands attended Thiel College a few weeks ago to be judged on two pieces of their choice. “We took the Junior High and Senior High bands this year. It was the first time the Junior High band has gone,” noted Mr. Butchy.  “Each group played two pieces and then the head judge, Andy Erb, the band director at Thiel, spent about 40 minutes working with the group on some musical concepts and other things that he heard. The other two judges also shared their comments with the group and gave them some suggestions for improvement,” said Butchy.

This is Mr. Butchy’s 7th year taking students to be adjudicated. In previous years, the students have gotten a number score on their performance. This year, they received extra personal help with one of the judges and comments on how to improve.

Junior Anna Bupp appreciated this change.  “It helped us entirely as a band, especially with dynamics. It was nice playing for different judges and having them help us become better musicians.”

Mr. Butchy agreed.  “It is a good experience for them to have some other people listen to them that are also music teachers. To get some feedback from them, I think, is really important. Plus it’s kind of nice to go somewhere else and perform besides here at our home building.”