Will You Escape from the Science Lab?

By: Chaslin Hoover and Addison George

The junior high softball team has not only been busy preparing for the season, they have also been working on a project unlike any Shenango has ever seen. The girls, along with their coaches, are diligently working at putting together an escape room at the high school as a fundraiser for the team. The escape room will take place on Saturday, April 14 at Shenango HIgh School from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m..

Head coach Rob Heath and assistant coach Allisyn Shields are the masterminds behind making the event a success. One of the teams 8th graders, Leyna Mason, has taken the lead in getting the rooms organized. A group of 7th graders consisting of Madi Iwanejko, Janie Natale, Ashley Decarbo, and Angelina Melillo have also been brainstorming and learning how to get the rooms set up.  

On the day of the fundraiser, “It’s going to take all morning to the get all the rooms ready,” noted Mr. Heath, “but then it should only take about 10 minutes in between groups to reset the puzzles.”

Being that this idea was the “most unique,” according to head coach Heath, the team expects a good turn out. They are hoping to have at least 20 different groups consisting of four to eight people. For each group, the cost will be $25.

“All proceeds go to the junior high girls softball program and will be used for purchasing pullovers for the girls,” said assistant coach Shields.

“The different rooms will consist of the same difficulty level,” Heath explained.  The softball team and coaches had a group of seniors and Mr. Vecenie run through the puzzles to ensure everything runs smoothly.  With a lot of difficulty, they needed hints to get to the end, so “I can tell you it won’t be easy,” said Mr. Heath. The puzzles should take about 45 minutes to complete.

Teamwork with this event will be the key to escape. “It is a team building experience and no one can escape the room easily by themselves, so you need to work together,” advised Heath.