Distinguished Young Women of Shenango

By Annalise Ginocchi and Zoey Angelucci

Annually, Lawrence County hosts the Distinguished Young Women program, formerly known as Junior Miss, to give academically successful and talented juniors an opportunity to receive college scholarships.

This year, Shenango High School has six junior representatives participating in the DYW program. They are Zoey Angelucci, Nadine Buckley, Mariah Bupp, Isabella Cionni, Annalise Ginocchi, and Alisa Fracul.

Multiple aspects are evaluated in this program, including interview skills, fitness, grades, talent, and self-expression. The girls practice these elements in order to perfect them for the upcoming show. They will be scored on each category. In addition to winning overall, the categories give the girls more opportunities to earn scholarship money. There are also other opportunities to reap financial rewards, such as by winning best or worst bowler, highest SATs scores, essay winners, community service, and most friendly. The program is a great way to earn scholarships while also having a good time.

Not only is the program a unique social experience with girls from different schools, but chairperson Rosanne Palladino teaches the participants life skills and respectable behaviors. “I’ve learned a lot of things from this program that will definitely benefit me in my future.  It’s just such a great learning experience,” Isabella Cionni stated

The girls can agree this has been a great opportunity to make new friends also. Annalise Ginocchi noted, ”I really got to know all 28 of the girls and made some great new friends that will last even after this is all over.”

The DYW show will take place on May 19th at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.Tickets are $18.00. To purchase, you can contact any of the six participants.