Musically-Gifted Wildcats

By: Chaslin Hoover & Addie George

Shenango singers continue to flourish in their musical abilities. Two Shenango students, senior Hayden Carpenter and junior Anna Bupp, were selected to be a part of an elite group of singers chosen state-wide.  They recently traveled to Lancaster for an experience they will never forget.

“It was such an honor for Anna and Hayden to make it so far in the PMEA festivals!” Mrs. Leali shared.  “It is so difficult to make it that far, and I am beyond proud of their hard work. Hayden is Shenango’s FIRST student to make All State Chorus more than once. Anna is our FIRST girl to make All State Chorus since the 1970’s.   It was truly an awesome experience for both of them,” she shared.

Throughout their journey, Anna and Hayden not only improved as singers, but learned what it takes to accomplish a goal as well. “It definitely proved to me,” Hayden said, “that you need to work hard for whatever you want because if you try to just float by on natural talent or just the fact that you don’t think someone will be as good as you are, you’re not going to succeed in it. You have to do your best in everything.” Along with Hayden, Anna explains the work ethic and mindset needed to become successful, and her advice is true for any goal, not just chorus. “This showed me,” Anna said, “that the harder you work, the more you are rewarded. Never give up on working, even if you made it to the end because there is always another level.”

Anna and Hayden both mention that this experience was definitely one that they will carry with them the rest of their lives. The talented Wildcats were on the same page regarding the idea of how enjoyable it was to be surrounded with such amazing singers and people who all share the same aspirations as them. “It was extremely eye-opening. It was crazy to see how many people share the same interest and talent as you AND take it seriously,” Anna said.  “It was fun making new friends and new memories.” In addition to being surrounced by musical genius, Hayden mentioned how beneficial it was to have a knowledgeable director as well as a nurturing atmosphere.

These two Wildcats plan on taking their talent beyond Shenango. Hayden will be attending Penn State this fall and intends to partake in some type of musical activity. “At Penn State, they have an amazing music program,” Hayden explains, “and you’re able to take private lessons while you’re there, so I plan on taking advantage of those resources to get better.” Only being a junior, Anna plans to continue her path of chorus next year. “I want to mature my voice more and understand the concepts of auditioning techniques,” Anna says. “I also want to be able to go to State Chorus again to learn more from the experience.”