A Year of Change: Shenango Welcomes Mr. Anthony

By Melina Mangino, Angela Prestopine, and Kayla Suber

Students and staff might wonder how this school year will look different from previous years. One key change is the addition of a new Wildcat. As assistant principal, Mr. Todd Anthony is ready to improve the school district and help students as much as he can.

“My goal for this year is to make sure I communicate with as many people as possible,” he shared.   

Mr. Anthony comes to Shenango with many years of diverse experience and can’t wait to use his skill set to better the district. One of his positions in the past involved working with blind students.

“It was a school for students with severe disabilities,” Mr. Anthony said.  “It really taught me to work with students who couldn’t communicate.”

Mr. Anthony also worked as the school counselor at West Middlesex. This experience lends to his assertion that “I won’t be easily overwhelmed by anything.”

Drawn to Shenango High School for many reasons, Mr. Anthony knew about Shenango’s reputation for equipping students with a strong education.  Evidenced in part through high AP scores every year, he wanted to be a part of a community that values education and high expectations.

As the assistant principal, Anthony explained a new rule that will be enforced starting this year. Students are no longer permitted to carry large purses during the school day. Although many students were upset about this new change, there were several ideas that backed up his reasoning, the most obvious being safety. Feeling safe during the school day is something Mr. Anthony feels strongly about, and he wants students to feel comfortable every day in a secure environment.

“Sometimes you have to search the good people to find the bad people,” Anthony explained in regards to the logic behind the increased safety focus.  “It’s the same thing with a speed limit. You might be fine driving seventy miles per hour, but the person who’s distracted or drinking is why we really have to enforce the rules.

“I trust you guys. I just don’t trust that one person,” he stressed. That is also why bag checks are randomly done in the mornings to ensure the safety of students and staff members.

Mr. Anthony is excited to “form bonds with students” as he takes on the new school year.