Teamwork Outside the Classroom

By: Isabella Cassano and Kailee Smith

Eighth grade students recently made the dream work with their teamwork, coming together as one. The annual excursion to Lutherlyn really helped to bring the current class of 2023 together.

School counselor Mrs. Othites started planning this trip last spring. All of the eighth grade core teachers also are crucial components to the trips success, leading the different groups of students.

Each year, the eighth graders attend this trip to practice teamwork and exercise bonding activities. “A lot of things are about teamwork, communication, and cooperation,” said Mrs. Othites. The students are expected to work together to complete difficult obstacles throughout the trip, and the obstacles were especially hard due to the unfortunate weather patterns. Mrs. Othites expressed her concerns at the time about the weather due to the hurricane and the rains it caused near the Lutherlyn site. Thankfully, everything ended up going smoothly.

Mrs. Othites described some of these obstacles to be more challenging due to the wetness, like the tightrope walk she did herself.  When she asked her group who thought she would not be able to make it, “they all raised their hands,” she said, laughing. Another challenge was the log activity where the students had to stand on it and move amongst themselves to alphabetize their order without talking.

Student Ashley DeCarbo noted one of her favorite activities was climbing over the wheel and helping each other with the challenge. “We worked with different people than we normally would,” she stated.

“The Lutherlyn staff does a really nice job connecting the activities that we do with life experiences,” stated Mrs. Othities, which she expresses is key to teamwork, a skill that is paramount for all students’ futures.