Hometown High Q Back in Action!

By Joey Doughty and Kailee Smith

Shenango students once again used their IQ to take on Hometown High Q! A select group of upperclassmen chosen by social studies teacher Ms. Shields just recently aired on the television show Hometown High Q.

Ms. Shields first started this team last year. Her inspiration behind initiating the exclusive club was rooted in her own personal experience on her high school’s Hometown High Q team. She really enjoyed the experience and thought that her students would as well.

“Maybe I’m kind of living through my students, but it’s fun show and I still watch it,” Shields said.  “I was taking notice that some schools around here were participating, so that’s why I started it.”

The students playing were already pretty familiar with the game. Ms. Shields chose the back up teams by holding tryouts, and brought up the past members of the team that hadn’t graduated in the 2018 school year. The main team consisted of Alisa Fracul, Paige Seitam, and Hunter McQuiston. The back up members were Bryce Enscoe, Collin McGrath, and Devon Vanasco. The tryout was basically a simulation of the game show, testing the contestants’ knowledge on a variety of questions.

To prepare for the game, Ms. Shields practiced numerous strategies with her team. They watched other schools and episodes to study how they performed and how different the questions could be that were asked. After all the practice and dedication, they were prepared and ready to compete.

Shenango went up against Hampton School District and Baldwin School District, much larger schools than Shenango. After the first round of the game, Shenango was winning. It was anyone’s game up until the fifth round, which is the most strategic round. Though the team did not advance to the playoffs like last year, they certainly put up a good fight.

“I am so proud of our students for working hard throughout their whole school career to acquire the knowledge to play this game and keep up with other (and usually MUCH larger) schools in the Pittsburgh area!” Shields exclaimed.

During the show, Hunter introduced Ms. Shields as their advisor. The host of the show also made a joke towards the teachers saying they were tall, but then noticed Ms. Shields did not fall under that category. The audience and contestants all shared a laugh after the joke was said. Delaney Zarone and Annalise Ginnochi came to support their fellow classmates. Also, Aidyn Schnell made an appearance as mascot, and Shenango was the only team to bring a mascot.

“It was so much fun having Aidyn there cheering us on dressed as the Wildcat,” veteran member Alisa noted.  

“Hometown High Q was fun while being the Wildcat mascot, but the worst part is how hot it gets inside that suit,” laughed Aidyn.