McTeacher Tradition Continues

By: Isabella Cionni & Ireland Kelly

Many people may wonder what goes on at McTeacher Night, an event that benefits Shenango Community Education Foundation. Well, the Shenango staff has the inside scoop of what exactly goes down!

“This was my first year working McTeacher Night,and I had a blast,” exclaimed Mrs. Delaney, math teacher.   “I worked the front drive-through window and learned (from the best teachers, Shaun Evans and Brianna Miller!) how to talk to the customers, take money, and swipe credit cards. It was fun to see the students’ reactions when I was the one that was taking their money,” shared Delaney.

Mrs. Barron, English teacher, shared Delaney’s sentiments.  “I had a delightful time delivering food to customers on McTeacher NIght,” she said.  “It is so wonderful to see so many students and community members donating to such a worthy cause.”

Gail Matteo is the driving force behind the success of this event.  She put in countless hours coordinating the event. “McTeacher Night is a fun community event that benefits SCEF,” she said.  “I think the kids really enjoyed seeing their teachers ‘work’ at McDonalds and donning their Halloween costumes.”

Volunteer Molly Medvit, 8th grader, shared, “It was like we were cheering on the teachers.  We were all having a lot of fun!”

Not only did the students get to see their teachers “McWorking,” some of the students also got to perform at McTeacher Night, including the band, danceline, and majorettes. The band played their whole half time show and the fight song while the majorettes and danceline performed.

This annual tradition continues to be a win for all involved, whether it’s the teacher volunteers behind the counter, the elementary students decked out in their Halloween costumes, or the community members who help make Shenango the thriving community it is through their support.

“Last year, I received a grant from SCEF for interactive notebooks, and the grant has really enhanced the quality of education I can provide in my classroom,” stressed Barron.