Behind the Scenes at the Veteran’s Day Assembly

By Zoey Angelucci and Isabella Cionni

Shenango’s Advanced Placement Government students worked diligently these last few weeks to prepare for the annual Veteran’s Day Assembly. Between crafting red, white and blue ribbons to placing flags in the school’s front yard, these students have done it all.

This lengthy production began with AP Government teacher, Brian Cooper, sending letters home with students and faculty with an explanation of the assembly and an inviation for veterans to attend. Along with this, Mr. Cooper orchestrated a brunch for the attending veterans and their families.

Next on the agenda, Mr. Cooper assigned his students jobs to involve them in the production. Decorating the display case, picking speakers, and distributing American flag ribbons for the school body were just a few of the myriad tasks these advanced placement students completed.
Four students, Paige Seitam, Lucas Olcott, Isabella Cionni, and Zoey Angelucci, also wrote and presented speeches at the assembly.

“It was such an honor to speak on behalf of my class at the assembly,” noted Paige Seitam, “and knowing that my grandfather, a veteran himself, was watching in the audience made my words all the more important.”

          Two students were in charge of picking a tribute video to soldiers and veterans while another had the responsibility of putting together the program for the Veterans Day Assembly. After completing most of the tasks at hand, Mr. Cooper took the AP Government class outside to place miniature American flags around the perimeter of the front of the high school.

           Two weeks of preparation went into getting organized for the Veterans Day assembly. At the closing of the two weeks, the day before the assembly, the class proceeded to the auditorium to have a practice run. This was necessary to make sure the special event ran as smoothly as possible.

“I am so glad this assembly was so successful! It was an honor to give back to our veterans this way,” stated Dominique DeVivo.

“We honor the veterans every year for the many sacrifices that they made to make our nation great.  Our students step up and show them the gratitude that we have for them,” Mr. Cooper said. “I think it’s our best assembly of the year.”