Checkmate, Baby!

By Ian Richard and Kailee Smith

A new club has recently taken on the after school hours of Shenango High School. Science teacher Mr. Flood is branching off his love for the game of chess to the students at Shenango. Held weekly right now, then eventually every other week, he is taking the responsibility and fun of teaching the intricate game of chess to those willing to learn.

Mr. Flood was a member of Chess Club in high school. Being a part of the club when he was a student made him want to pass on his passion.

“My dad started teaching me chess back when I was in first grade, and I loved it right away,” Flood recalled,  “It was always something my dad and I shared. We would sit at home playing many games of chess.” He expressed how he obtained numerous skills he thought were important in not only the game, but everyday life, and he wants to allow his students to adapt those same skills

During a typical meeting, Mr. Flood will teach the beginners the basic rules for chess and then let them play. The more intermediate and advanced players will play games on their own, and then winners will eventually take on Mr. Flood in a game to fully test their skills. With the organization of this club, he stresses the importance that no matter how advanced or how new a player is, their ability will grow with time and with practice.

Several strengths are learned from playing chess. “The biggest thing is thinking forward, anticipation, thinking outside the box,” Flood stressed. “Also, trying to get in someone else’s head to figure out what they are going to do before they even do it is a necessary skill of the game.”

Senior Bryce Enscoe, new member of Chess Club, summed up the enthusiasm felt by many of the novel players: “I have only played a few games myself, but I really enjoy it!”