Be Our Guest TOMORROW!

By Zoey Angelucci and Sam Miloser

Be our guest, be our guest, our Wildcat Craft Show is the best! December 8th… Don’t be late. Your experience will be great! This Saturday, December 8th, Shenango’s Drama Club will put on the fourth Annual Wildcat Winter Craft Show from 9:00-3:00. Venture over to the school on Saturday for crafts, food, entertainment, Christmas fun, and much much more.

All admissions money will go towards the Drama Club’s production of Beauty and the Beast. Putting on a show of this magnitude costs a lot of money, and the craft show raises just  a fraction of the overall cost. According to vocal director and craft show organizer, Samantha Leali, “We began this craft show to raise money for White Christmas, since it was the first time we needed to rent costumes due to their grandiose nature.” The Drama Club has found great success in this holiday event and has continued this tradition for the last four years.

As you can imagine, a craft show of this scope takes a lot of planning. Mrs. Leali explained, “We start in August and plan everything from vendor applications, ordering tables, scheduling entertainment, publicity, making a map, and, of course, ordering food. It is a full time job for Miss McNees and I.” This year attendees can expect even more vendors because the second floor will now be open. Seventy vendors are expected to attend, but there will be over 100 tables since many have multiple tables. In addition to the crafts, there will be tons of food, Chamber Choir carols, dances, and entertainment, a face painter and chalk paint artist.

Drama Club students get involved when it comes to running the craft show. Students are required to donate drinks, Chinese auction baskets, set up the night before, and help out during the craft show. Their jobs include assisting the vendors, working in the cafeteria, organizing the Chinese auction and selling tickets for admissions.

Senior Paige Seitam is celebrating her fourth craft show. “The atmosphere is awesome. Everyone’s happy and it’s almost Christmas! My craft show day will include running around making sure everything is how it’s supposed to be and singing with Chamber Singers and some small groups. There is a lot of shopping opportunities and many performers. There’s something for everyone.”

The craft show is a fabulous way to not only fund raise for the musical, but to promote local businesses and vendors. Attendees can expect many crafts, clothing, custom jewelry, handmade gifts, home decor, Christmas decorations, soaps and beauty products. There truly is something for everyone.

Shenango teacher Heather McKissick will be returning to the craft show this year after finding success last year. “Last year, I worked on my wood burning. I actually create pieces that can be personalized. This year I am continuing with my wood burning with wooden spoons and what not, and I will also sell my Arbonne products.” Along with many other vendors, Mrs. McKissick does “extremely well at our craft show and just enjoys it overall.” She admits, “My favorite part is watching the community come out to support our students and just the overall fun activities and different vendors.”

Be our guest, be our guest this Saturday, December 8th.