Freshmen Experience GEM

By Angela Prestopine and Kayla Suber

On Tuesday, December 17th, a group of ten freshmen girls had the privilege of attending the GEM affair with Shenango’s school counselor Mrs. Othites.

“GEM stands for Girls Engaging Mentors and it is a program for ninth grade students to meet and have a chance to interact with women in nontraditional roles,” Mrs. Othites explained.

Held at BC3, the girls who attended traveled to different classrooms to hear presentations from women who work in careers that “are typically male-dominated fields.”  These included occupations such as a metallurgist, working in the STEM field, working at Google, and working for Moraine State Park.”

Mrs. Othites stressed the value of “exposing people to new things,” hoping that an event like the GEM affair will “spark an interest in a career field that they might consider pursuing.”  

Isabella Fellion enjoyed the GEM affair because of the many unexpected jobs she was able to learn about.

She said, “I could tell from the expressions on some of my peer’s faces that they were interested because one job might’ve not been one they expected.”

This was a great opportunity for young ladies to broaden their knowledge on the many jobs out there that may have not been a consideration to them prior to the affair.