Mr. Shenango 2019

By Isabella Cionni, Dominique Devivo, Ireland Kelly, and Angela Prestopine    

A person who loves to put a smile on everyone’s face, Joey Doughty is a Mr. Shenango candidate. “I was surprised and happy to be nominated,” Joey said.  Joey is involved in Peer Leadership, Yearbook, SADD, and SAVE. One of his best Shenango moments was “being able to escort Delaney for Homecoming,” and he will especially miss “seeing all my friends and being involved with Peer Leadership” when he graduates. Joey’s brother Brandon is his role model “because he currently serves in the Army and is not afraid to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country.”  After graduation, Joey plans to pursue a career in the medical field. “Make every moment last,” he advises, “because it goes by so quickly.”

The senior class president, Lucas Olcott, was also nominated as a Mr. Shenango candidate. Anyone that knows Lucas knows that he is a very outgoing, intelligent, and caring young man who is involved in the school in several ways. “I was stoked to share this opportunity with some of my broskis in front of my peers,” Lucas stated.  Luke is a member of Conservation Club, STEM Club (TSA), Prom Planning Committee, and STAT. Lucas also is a member of the golf team where he excelled immensely. It’s no surprise that Lucas’s role model is Tiger Woods, who he describes as “an absolute unit and ruthless on Sunday when he is in the red.” Luke plans to attend Purdue University and become a computer engineer. Lucas Olcott wants to be remembered at Shenango as a good friend, peer, and leader.

A senior involved in numerous clubs, Ian Richard is a Mr. Shenango candidate. “When I found out, I was pleasantly surprised,” Ian stated. Ian is a member of the Drama Club, Yearbook, SAFE, Peer Leadership, Concert Choir President, SADD Vice President, and a Chamber singer. One of his best Shenango moments is “any moment on stage during the spring musical.  I will miss Mrs. Leali and seeing my close friends as often as I do” when he graduates. Ian’s mother is his role model “because she is always there to support me and love me unconditionally.” After graduation, Ian plans to attend Slippery Rock University for hospitality management. “Always be the best version of yourself,” he advises, “and you will achieve anything you want.”

A senior with the most school spirit, Sam Miloser is a Mr. Shenango candidate. Sam is involved in Peer Leadership, Drama Club, Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, and he is the head of the Wildcat Wackos. His best memory of Shenango was during football season “freshman year when we beat Neshannock and became section champs.” Sam will miss “both sports events and other big school events.” The best advice Sam could give underclassmen is to “involve yourself with everyone and everything you can. The world is too big to live small.” Sam is not only the most involved senior at Shenango at the moment, but he also looks highly towards anyone who has the same aura as him. He defended his admiration for alumnus “Steve Murko because school spirit at Shenango is often rare, but Steve Murko was the definition of such.”  Sam plans to attend Slippery Rock University to major in Safety Management and minor in Spanish. Remember Sam Miloser as a friendly guy who bled blue and gold.

A senior who is determined to make someone’s day better, Brock Keyser is a Shenango candidate. Brock said he was “surprised and excited” to be nominated. One of Brock’s best Shenango moments was the “2018 baseball season, going into the semi-final round of the playoffs. To be able to experience that with my best friends was something I will never forget.” He will especially miss “being able to see my friends every day” when he graduates. Brock’s role model is his dad “because he has the best work ethic of anyone I know. Even when he is sick or sore, he still works harder than anyone.” After graduation, Brock plans to go to nursing school at Mercy College of Ohio. “Make someone’s day better every day. Be the change the world needs,” he stresses, “whether it’s lending a hand to someone in need or just making someone smile.”

Future D1 athlete Anthony Ryan is in the running as a Mr. Shenango candidate. Anthony is known for his hard work and determination within both his academic and athletic career. When hearing the announcement for the Mr. Shenango candidates, Anthony said he “smiled and was very excited.” Anthony’s favorite memory of Shenango is “the baseball playoffs freshman year.” Even with his successful high school baseball career, Anthony will miss his classmates the most when he leaves Shenango next year. The best advice Anthony can give to any future Mr. Shenango candidates or any underclassmen would be to “hold yourself accountable for things, be a good person, and be helpful to your community.” His biggest admiration is for his parents because “they will always do what is best for their kids, and have great attitudes and work ethics.” Next fall, Anthony plans to attend Bowling Green State University to further his academic and athletic career. If Anthony can leave an imprint on Shenango, he wants to be remembered by his athletic achievements throughout his baseball career.

A senior who you can always count on to make you laugh, Mark Mangino was nominated to be a Mr. Shenango candidate by his peers. He is very athletic and is involved in football and baseball. Mark thinks what makes him a good candidate for Mr. Shenango is that he is caring and would love to be able to represent Shenango. One of Mark’s best moments at Shenango was the 8th and 9th grade basketball championships, and he will especially miss playing sports and hanging out with his friends when he graduates. Mark’s biggest role his dad. “He has a good work ethic that I’m striving to have as a man.” Mark is hoping to be remembered as a nice and funny guy, and his advice to future Mr. Shenango candidates is to make high school as fun as possible.

To be nominated was “humbling” for candidate Ryan Perretti, who loved that “my classmates I’ve grown up with my whole life voted for me.”  An exemplary athlete, Ryan’s favorite Shenango memory was “going to Florida with the baseball team my freshman year.” Like many the candidates, Ryan will miss seeing his friends every day and participating in sports, but what he stresses to underclassmen is to “focus and take school seriously, work hard in everything you do, and most of all, respect your peers and teachers.”  His grandpa is his role model because “he always worked hard his whole life and taught me many life lessons to help me become the man I am today.” Ryan plans to attend Radford University, but wants to be remembered as “a student-athlete who worked hard for the achievements and goals he wanted to receive.”

A hardworking, well-rounded individual, Hunter McQuiston was surprised by his nomination. Hunter participates in football and an array of performing arts, including musical, choir, and chamber singers. Upon graduation, Hunter says he will miss the “genuinely good people” of the district and the friends he has made throughout his journey.  One of his fondest memories is from football camp. He’ll never forget, “the entire team supporting and pushing each other to be the best they can be.” Much like the people he has met at Shenango, he hopes to be remembered as an approachable person “who people could go to for help and support through hard times.” Hunter has an immense admiration for Mrs. McKissick. “No matter what she is going through in her life, she manages to always stay positive and keep a smile on her face. She is someone you can always talk to and is ready to listen.” Hunter’s future plans are to attend Slippery Rock University and begin their Physician Assistant program while also partaking in the United States Army Reserve. He hopes to one day become an Army officer. Hunter will be escorted by Addie George.