AP Honor Roll

By: Melina Mangino and Zoey Angelucci

Following Shenango’s trends of success in academics, Advanced Placement students are both setting and raising the bar. This year, Shenango’s AP students have been recognized for their achievements in the Advanced Placement realm. College Board regulates and takes charge of the AP tests and everything centered around it. This year, the district and AP students have been recognized as one of 373 districts in the U.S. and Canada for their participation in AP classes and tests. Each year, College Board recognizes different schools that have increased participation and have bettered their scores. Here at Shenango, we have not only have a higher percentage of students taking AP classes, but also a higher percentage of students scoring a three or better on their tests.

In small schools like Shenango, having a strong AP program is an anomaly.  School counselor Ms. Garda emphasizes that “the commitment of the teachers and the students is a real testament to the strength of the program.” AP teachers build their curriculum specifically around the AP tests and what will best prepare their students.

There is no denying Shenango has grown in the AP realm over the years. Over the last six years, Shenango has added two additional AP classes, bringing the total number to seven AP opportunities. Shenango offers AP Literature, Studio Art, Chemistry, Biology, U.S. History, Government, and Calculus, each class offers the students vast opportunities for success. “I think our course offerings appeal to a wider range of students,” Garda notes.

Next year, Shenango is expanding their AP programs. The high school will add an AP Computer Science class open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  Certainly, Shenango’s AP program is a force to be reckoned with. Between being recognized by the College Board and completely doubling the size of the programs, Shenango’s Honor Roll distinction is completely deserved.   

“Our AP program has been one of the strongest in our region and state for many years,” Dr. McCormick noted.  “I’m extremely pleased to see Shenango join the College Board’s AP Honor Roll because that demonstrates that we have been able to expand our course offerings while maintaining our previously high levels of performance.”