Staff Directory

Below is a listing of the Elementary School Faculty and Staff.  All personnel can be reached by either calling the Elementary School Office at 724-658-5566 or by email.  Email addresses are in the following format: First Initial Last Name  (i.e.

Building Administration
Adam Vincent, Principal

Office Staff
Carol Boughter, Secretary to the Principal
Kim Noca, Assistant Secretary
Kara Angelucci, Library Aide
Christy Santangelo, Teachers’ Clerk

Pupil Personnel Services
Joy DeOtto, Elementary School Counselor
Paula Natale, School Nurse
Pam Cleaver, Title I Reading, K-2
Lisa Grossman, Title I Reading, 3-6
Michael Magliocca, Title I Math, 3-6
Christy Maricone, Student Support
Brett Barron, Transportation
Christine Bruno, Food Service Director
Dave Tyler, Security

Amy Cox
Amber Flood
Suzanne Montgomery
Jessica Piccirillo
Helen Ferringer, Aide
Cindy Seaburn, Aide

Grade 1
Jill Allison
Brandi Crowl
Amanda Silvester

Grade 2
Jodi Iannucci
Sarah Piper
Michele Schmid
Jennifer Wheelock

Grade 3
Tammy Chapnell
Jodi Frank
Derek Hancher

Grade 4
Caitlyn Berlin* (Logan Petrak)
Nicolette O’Hara
Stacy Quahliero
Jeanine Rynd

Grade 5
Kylee DeCaprio
Al Dorsch
Jennifer Fruehstorfer
Lacey Koprivnak

Grade 6
Beth DeCesare
John Montgomery
Lucille Wallas

Special Services Department
Anna Beech, Psychologist
Shelly Quimby, LS K-4
Billie Bober, LS Aide
Chris Thompson, LS 5-6
Susan Marich, LS Aide
Joyce Ross, LS Aide
Chad Palladino, LS
Stephanie Gibson, LS Aide
Ruth Jones, LS Aide
Suzanne Stewart, LS Aide
Ashley Hudson, Speech and Language
Jenna Maier, Speech and Language
Lisa Dean, Aide
Sue Goswick, Gifted and ESL
Stacy Panei, Inclusion Support/Intervention Specialist

Maria Bertucci, Art
Crystal Brocklehurst, Library
Dwight Heminger, Computers
Ken Keene, Physical Education
Ken Stewart, Instrumental Music
Becky Yoho, Vocal/General Music

Ed Johns, Custodian
Mark Bartlett, Custodian
Antoinette Fox, Custodian
Rhonda Strawhecker, Custodian

*on leave