Staff Directory

Below is a listing of the Elementary School Faculty and Staff.  All personnel can be reached by either calling the Elementary School Office at 724-658-5566 or by email.  Email addresses are in the following format: First Initial Last Name  (i.e.

Building Administration
Adam Vincent, Principal
Derek Sumner, Assistant Principal

Office Staff
Carol Boughter, Secretary to the Principal
Kim Noca, Assistant Secretary
Kara Angelucci, Office/Library Clerk

Pupil Personnel Services
Joy DeOtto, Elementary School Counselor
Paula Natale, School Nurse
Pam Cleaver, Title I Reading, K-2
Lisa Grossman, Title I Reading, 3-6
Jessica Linton, Title I Math, 3-6/Library
Brett Barron, Transportation
Christine Bruno, Food Service Director
Gary Miller, School Officer

Ashlee Cain
Amber Flood
Suzanne Montgomery
Jessica Piccirillo
Helen Ferringer, Aide
Cindy Seaburn, Aide

Grade 1
Jill Allison
Brandi Crowl
Nicolette O’Hara
Amanda Silvester

Grade 2
Jodi Iannucci
Sarah Piper
Michele Schmid
Jennifer Wheelock

Grade 3
Tammy Chapnell
Jodi Frank
Derek Hancher
Jeanine Rynd

Grade 4
Melissa Benton
Jennifer Fruehstorfer
Mike Magliocca
Stacy Quahliero

Grade 5
Kylee DeCaprio
Al Dorsch
Lacey Pensy

Grade 6
Crystal Brocklehurst
Beth DeCesare
John Montgomery
Lucille Wallas

Special Services Department
Anna Beech, Psychologist
Shelly Quimby, LS K-2
Billie Bober, LS Aide
Chris Thompson, LS 5 & 6
Susan Marich, LS Aide
Chad Palladino, LS
Debra Bupp, LS Aide
Ruth Jones, LS Aide
Suzanne Stewart, LS Aide
Ashley Hudson, Speech and Language
Jenna Maier, Speech and Language*
Lisa Dean, Aide
Sue Goswick, Gifted and ESL
Stacy Panei, LS 3 & 4

Maria Bertucci, Art/STEAM
Dwight Heminger, Computer
Ken Keene, Physical Education
Ken Stewart, Instrumental Music
Becky Yoho, Vocal/General Music

Ed Johns, Custodian
Mark Bartlett, Custodian
Antoinette Fox, Custodian
Rhonda Strawhecker, Custodian

*on leave